President Lloyd Wallace called the monthly meeting to order at 7:30a.m. at the Washburn County Economic Development Conference Room.


Present: Lloyd Wallace, Rob Paine, Louie Villella, Carol Dunn, Rob Lester, Morris Gillett, Greg Krantz, Chuck Jenkins, and Mark Krueger.



Absent:  Pete Paine


Others Present:  Margie Quinn, and Dick Hartmann


Rob Paine made a motion to approve the agenda, Rob Lester 2nd the motion.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Approval of Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting December 17, 2009 were circulated.  Discussions were made regarding the regulations of the incubators in the minutes.  Director Dick Hartmann will find out the regulations for the incubator and report to the board on the February Monthly Meeting.  Rob Lester made a motion to approve the minutes.  Louie Villella 2nd the motion.  M.C.  by unanimous vote.



Treasurer’s Report by Carol Dunn- Carol read the monthly Treasurer’s report and reported on the monthly bills.  The total expense for December/January was $9336.14 with a checking account balance of $32656.10 and an additional $13,147.46 in the CD account to be used for ½ marketing expenses, ½ for business plan development, and 501 (c)(3) expenses to the IRS and Anderson Hager and Moe.   Total available funds are $45803.56.  Treasurer Carol Dunn noted we have received the 1st qtr. subsidy from Washburn County. Marge Quinn has provided board members with a Treasurer Report, P & L report, balance sheet report as requested by board members.  Rob Paine made a motion to approve Treasurer Report and pay bills, 2nd by Mark Krueger.   M.C. by unanimous vote.


Members/Directors Comments:  Chuck Jenkins expressed concerns if the Director has visited the Chrisman Meats located in one of the Incubators.   Director Dick Hartmann stated that he did visit the Christman Meats on Monday, January 18th; Louie indicated the owner of Christman Meats may need some additional funding and suggested the WCEDC Director should meet with them and offer assistance.  Louie suggested we have “Incubators” on the February Agenda to clarify the regulations on business owners renting space through NWRP Incubators.  There were discussions made regarding the quarterly newsletters that have not been sent since last June.  Dick stated he will try and get a newsletter out on a quarterly basis from now on. 


Old Business-

Website update. Dick Hartmann circulated a draft of the added links on the web site.  Dick stated that he and Todd Keup have been working closely on filling the links.  Todd Keup showed Board Members the example of what has been completed to this point with a small presentation of the different Links.  Concerns were made on the local Financial Institutions that do not do commercial lending.  Board members felt as the Local Financial Institutions that do not do the Commercial Lending should be removed.  Todd suggested some new pictures be placed on the new Web Site with rotating different scenes of Washburn County.  Board members were in agreement of the rotating pictures.   Dick stated the Web Site should be up and running by next Wednesday, the 27th of January and should be completed at the February 18th meeting.   Marge Quinn raised the concerns of agendas and minutes that are pending and that the public could not view before the meeting without approval of the board.  Todd stated we could make the agenda active and report on the bottom “Subject to approval from WCEDC Board”.    Morris Gillette made a motion to change the Logo on the Web Site to “Future of The North”, 2nd by Greg Krantz,  M.C.


Update on membership Letters- Dick stated he has 118 membership letters sent with 164 remaining, and will be completing these letters within the next week. 



New Business-


Director Report-open

Dick Hartmann gave Director Report.  Dick reported he is working on two potential new businesses that may relocate to Washburn County,  both are manufacturers that combined would create as estimated of 30 to 40 new full-time employee. Dick reported on the Woody Biomass Renewable Energy Special meeting with the conclusion being Washburn County would have any funding available to complete the feasibility Study.  Dick stated he is still following up on the 501C3 with the anticipation of being signed in March, 2010. Dick participated in a Financial Literacy Exercise at the Shell Lake School, and also participated in the new Charter School.  Dick Hartmann stated he processed an application for Federal Assistance the Rural Business Enterprise Grant program for additional assistance to expand our Revolving Loan Fund Portfolio.  Dick reported the funds he requested were in the amount of $500,000.00 and that was the total amount allocated for the state of Wisconsin.  Unfortunely, the higher the dollar amount the lower the score is for approval of the grant.  Dick indicated he would re-submit the application; Dick will also talk with Tom Mackie today about this grant.  Dick indicated he will complete and re-submit within the next couple of days.


Motion by Louie Villella second by Carol Dunn to convene in closed session pursuant to 19.85 (1), C, WI statutes to discuss personnel issues of specific persons, which if discussed in public would likely to have a substantial adverse effect upon the reputation of any person, referred to in such data. M.C.

President Lloyd Wallace invited Marge and Dick to attend the closed session.


Margie Quinn properly took Roll Call:


Motion by Rob Lester to convene in open session pursuant to 19.85 (2), C, WI statutes, 2nd by Chuck Jenkins.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Discussion/Action on matters discussed in closed session.


President Lloyd Wallace noted he is resigning as the President of WCEDC due to personal problems.  Lloyd stated at this time he would like to stay on the board, but would update board members if he needs to resign from the board as well.  Board of Directors filled the President positions with current Vice President Louie Villella by majority of vote effective January 21, 2010.  Chuck Jenkins made a motion to nominate Mark Krueger as Vice President, Rob Lester 2nd the motion.  Mark Krueger declined at the present time and stated he would make his decision by the next Board meeting on February 18, 2010.  Chuck Jenkins with drew his motion.  WCEDC Board of Directors plan to fill the Vice President vacancy by the majority of the votes at the February meeting. 

Director Dick Hartmann will put on the Web Site effective today, on the changes to the President.


Discussions were made on changes that need to take place for WCEDC Staff to complete projects and make sure the work is getting done. 


Other Concerns:  Rob Lester stated he needs to give a small report at the County Board meetings, and would like a brief description monthly from the director to present at the County Board meeting.  Dick will provide Rob Lester with a brief report for County Board Meeting on a monthly basis. 


Marge Quinn raised the concerns with the Tourism invoice to WCEDC for Utilities from Jan. through August, and asks board members their advice on the funds we have left in the Maintenance Fund in the amount of 2400.00. 


Louie Villella made a motion withdraw the check number 5172 signed in the amount of $387.05 and to have Director Dick Hartmann draft a letter to the WC Information Center requesting the balance of the money WCEDC has provided at 20% in the Maintenance Fund, and minus the Utility Bill from that amount.  Rob Lester 2nd the motion.  M.C. 


Open House- Board members suggested we should have an open house in the spring.


Chuck Jenkins made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Rob Lester.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Next Meeting–February 18, 2010- 7:30 a.m. (Monthly Meeting) at the Washburn County Economic Development located at 208 Vine Street – Spooner, WI 54801

Respectfully Submitted by,

                                                                                    Margie Quinn