Summer Newsletter 7-09
Executive Director-Dick Hartmann 715-635-8242 (Phone)
Administrative Coordinator-Margie Quinn 715-635-8236 (Fax)

As we are getting close to the end of the first fiscal quarter of 2009, I am sure that in one way or another all Washburn County businesses have felt some type of negative impact of our Country’s economy. 

The board members of the Washburn County Economic Development Corporation and Washburn County Industrial Development Association would like to emphasize to all Washburn County business owners that: Your business is our business! It is our jointly stated mission to assist new businesses to get started, assist existing businesses to grow and expand their market base, and above all to retain the jobs of the dedicated people that you currently employ.

Lately questions have been asked as to what WCEDC and WCIDA are doing to assist Washburn County business owners and their employee’s now and in the past? WCEDC and WCIDA are proud of the fact that at this time there are approximately 29 Washburn County business owners who have acquired loans through one of the five different loan funds that WCIDA manages. The total cumulative value of these loans is over $900,000. These loans were made to individual business owners based on criteria, as defined in the lending practices and guidelines of WCIDA.

The board members of WCEDC and WCIDA are comprised of private independent business owners, local lenders, and working people just like you. WCEDC and WCIDA and business owners in Washburn County also have the unique opportunity to work with the UW Extension office staff who are well qualified to assist anyone in Washburn County that would like assistance with business related programs or problems.

Our purpose in providing this open letter to all business owners, their employee’s and to anyone who would like assistance is to assure you that we are neither absent nor unaware of the fact that many of you are struggling at this time. If you as a business owner have a plan to expand your business or anyone wanting to start a new business, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance! Please contact Dick Hartmann (Executive Director or Marge Quinn [Administrative Coordinator] at our office in Spooner @ 715-635-8242.

Sincerely: WECDC & WCIDA Board Members - 6/09

Expand the Tax Base, Create New Jobs, and Retain Existing Jobs In Washburn County”