New Spooner Health System Hospital
On Track To Be Operational
by May 2016
The construction of SHS Hospital's new site on Highway H between Highways 63 and 53 is developing as planned.
The Excitement Is Growing



Especially Since Essentia Health Is Also Building A
New Clinic Next To The New Hospital!
       The excitement continues as Maple Ridge Care Center owned by the Wisconsin Illinois Senior Housing (WISH) organization announced that they will purchase the former Spooner Health System hospital and Essentia Health Clinic buildings!
 The Nursing Home Center Plans To Maintain 75 Beds
In The Nursing Home And Rehabilitation Center
       The Center is encouraging community input on the potential uses for the buildings including office, medical, meeting, and other commercial uses. The  Center is open to ideas from the community on the options for the  best use of the additional space.
You are welcome to submit your ideas to Nicole at:  Or call
Maple Ridge Care Center at: 715-635-1415