President Ken Schultz called the meeting to order at 730am at the Washburn County Economic Development office located at 208 Vine Street, Spooner, WI.


Present: Jim Bethel, Rob Paine, Ken Schultz, Jim Dohm, Bill Marx, Mike Bobin, Lloyd Wallace, Romaine Quinn and Tom Klassa.  


Absent: Connie Lester


Others Present:  Margie Quinn, and Mike Spafford


Concerned Citizens


Approval of Agenda- Mike Bobin made a motion to approve agenda, 2nd by Rob Paine.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Approval of Meeting Minutes – Bill Marx made a motion to approve amended minutes from March 18th, 2nd by Lloyd Wallace.  M.C. by unanimous vote.



Treasurer’s Report by Jim Bethel- Jim Bethel read the monthly Treasurer’s report. Jim B. reported on the monthly bills.  The total expense for April, 2015 was $8829.56.   Leaving a checking account balance of $85636.80 and an additional $9600.00 in the CD account to be used for marketing expenses, Web Site, and for business plan development. and expenses.   RMAP fund is in the amount of $7596.23.  Total available funds are $102833.13.  Jim stated the expenses were a bit more for new part time employee expenses.  Marge Quinn has provided board members with a Treasurer Report, P&L, detail from QB and a balance excel spreadsheet for the annual income with expenses for 2014.  Bill Marx made a motion to accept the Treasurer Report and pay all bills as noted, 2nd by Rob Paine.   M.C. by unanimous vote. 


Correspondence Received- none


President Schultz commented and thanked Marge Quinn for a grant she completed and received in the amount

of $3000.00 from Bank of the West.


Director Report - Director Mike Spafford discussed projects he is working on and updated the board on the participation from the Job Fair. Mike discussed the Education Advisory Panels he has set up in Minong, Shell Lake, Spooner, and Birchwood. Mike updated the board on the new employee, Marilyn Clare.  Marilyn has signed a contract Mike drafted stating it is a part time position and position can be terminated because of Budget concerns at anytime.  She is doing a great job and now starting to work on the Website with Magnifisites on Tuesday.  Mike has schedule a Soft Skill Training Seminar with students and the importance of courtesy skills applying for job and interviewing for jobs. Marge has made up the certificates for the students as well when they complete the course as some resignation for each student.  Mike is also trying to put together Career Days and has sent information out to businesses interested. Mike updated the board on the 2015 Membership.  


President Schultz stated Mike Bobin is our new County Board Representative assigned by WC Chairman, Steve Sather. 


Motion made by Bill Marx to nominate Romaine Quinn to represent the Birchwood Area and serve on the WCEDC Board as a member, 2nd by Rob Paine.  Nominations Closed.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Lloyd Wallace has resigned from the WCEDC Board effective today, April 15th.  Board Members thanked Lloyd for his years of service. 


Lloyd Wallace made a motion to convene in closed pursuant to 19.85 (1) (C), WI statues to discuss personnel issues of specific persons, and job descriptions, which if discussed in public would likely to have a substantial adverse effect upon the reputation of any person, referred to in such data.  Mike Bobin 2nd the motion.  M.C. by unanimous vote. 


Roll Call was taken by Margie Quinn.

Jim Bethel-yes, Bill Marx-Yes, Rob Paine-Yes, Jim Dohm-Yes, Romaine Quinn-yes, Mike Bobin-yes, Tom Klassa-yes, Ken Schultz-yes, Lloyd Wallace-yes.  M.C.


Margie Quinn and Mike Spafford were excused from Closed Session.


Motion to reconvene in open session by Rob Paine, 2nd by Connie Lester.  M.C  



Other Concerns/Discussions/Action


Agenda items for Next Meeting: By Laws Revisions. 


Next Monthly MeetingAnnual Meeting, May 20th, 2015  


Motion to adjourn by Jim Bethel, 2nd by Lloyd Wallace.  M.C.  by unanimous vote



Draft only!  Board needs to approve at the next Meeting.    Respectfully Submitted by Margie Quinn.