President Louie Villella called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m. at the Washburn County Economic Development Office-located at 208 Vine Street-Spooner, WI 54801


Present: Louie Villella, Rob Paine, Jim Bethel, Rob Lester, Morris Gillette, and Lloyd Wallace


Absent:  Greg Krantz, Mike Bobin, Mark Krueger, and Chuck Jenkins.


Others Present:  Margie Quinn, Steve Sather, and Dick Hartmann


Rob Lester made a motion to approve the agenda, Morris Gillett 2nd the motion.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Approval of meeting Minutes for March 16, 2010- Rob Paine made a motion to approve minutes from March 16, 2011.  Lloyd Wallace2nd the motion.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s Report by Jim Bethel-Marge circulated P & L report, Balance sheet, and a check register to board members.  Jim Bethel read the monthly Treasurer’s report and reported on the monthly bills.  The total expense for March and April were $13937.83 including wages for Marge and Dick.  Checking account balance is $34982.69 and an additional $9348.64 in the CD account to be used for ½ marketing expenses, ½ for business plan development, and advertising. Total available funds are $44331.33. Lloyd Wallace made a motion to approve Treasurer Report, and pay bills as noted, Rob Lester 2nd the motion.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Director Report-

Directors Report was circulated to board members for review.  Dick discussed projects he is working on and the meetings he has attended for the past month.


Motion made by Rob Paine to have WCEDC Annual Meeting in Birchwood, on May 25th, at 400 p.m.  Lloyd Wallace 2nd the motion.  M.C.


President Louie Villella stated our next meeting will be the Annual meeting in Birchwood, at the Village Hall.  Scheduled time for the Annual Meeting is at 400p.m.  Louie stated he would like agenda posted in local newspapers, posted at the Courthouse, sent to townships, villages, cities, and townships.  Public is encourage to attend. 


Representative Roger Rivard- State Assembly Representative, Roger Rivard attended the monthly WCEDC meeting.  Representative Rivard focused mainly on the new Walker Administration Economic Development initiatives including the proposed transition of the State of Department of commerce into the new public/private partnership that will become the WI Economic Development Corporation.  Representative Rivard there will be new Administration creating additional Enterprise Zones primarily for rural WI and that he supports Enterprise Zones where businesses that locate or expand and will be eligible for a range of tax breaks, which will help attract new businesses and job creation.

Lloyd Wallace made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Rob Paine.  M.C. by unanimous vote.

ANNUAL - Next Monthly Meeting Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 4:00 p.m.. – at the Birchwood Village Town Hall, located on main street, Birchwood, WI.

Draft only!  Board needs to approve at the May Meeting.


Respectfully Submitted by-Margie Quinn