Washburn County Economic Development Corporation

Monthly MEETING - Thursday July 23, 2009



President Lloyd Wallace called the monthly meeting to order at 7:30a.m.at the Washburn County Highway Shop Conference Room.


Present: Lloyd Wallace, Greg Krantz, Chuck Jenkins, Pete Paine, Rob Paine, Louie Villella, Carol Dunn, Rob Lester, Mark Krueger, and Morris Gillett,



Others Present:  Margie Quinn, Dick Hartmann, Mike Bobin, Frank Zufall, Donna Barnes-Haeselmeyer, Steve Carlson, David Jacoby, and Mort Dahl.


Approval of Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting, June 18, 2009 were circulated.  Rob Lester made a motion to approve the minutes.  Pet Paine 2nd the motion.  M.C.  by unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s Report by Carol Dunn- Carol read the monthly Treasurer’s report and reported on the monthly bills.  The total expense for June was $8027.19 with a checking account balance of $33,820.51 and an additional $12,868.44 in the CD account to be used for ½ marketing expenses and ½ for business plan development. Total available funds are $46688.95.  Rob Paine made a motion to approve Treasurer Report and pay bills, 2nd by Morris Gillette.   Pete Paine voted no.  M.C.


Old Business

Funding / Newsletter Update

Dick Hartmann stated WCEDC office staff is working on getting the newsletters out.  They have sent and completed the utilities, cities and townships.  Dick said the remainder of private businesses will be sent by Friday, July 24th and will all be completed.   


  1. Marge stated we have received a total of $3000.00 for membership as of July 23, 2009.


Discussion on new office Space:  County Board Member Greg Krantz indicated WCEDC new office space is on the Public Property meeting agenda to release WCEDC from the lease at the information center.  Greg stated he will attend this meeting and update the WCEDC board on the final decision.


Web Site Update:  Director Dick Hartmann stated Marge and he has gone through the training process to post the agenda, minutes, and newsletter on the Web Site.  Dick will meet with Todd Keup from Magnifisites to get a proposed estimate cost of what we would like to update on web site.  President Lloyd Wallace would like to attend this meeting as well. 


Update on the 501 c 3:  Director Dick Hartmann stated he has met with Anderson/Hager and Moe (Paul) in May, but not finalized the 501 C 3 as of yet. 


New Business


New Contract with WCIDA/WCEDC:  Director Dick Hartman made a copy of the previous contract with the proposed annual rate to from $31,000.00 annually to $35,000.00 annually due to the 9 additional loans totaling $587,000.00.  There was an additional $5000.00 extra revenue WCIDA is making on the additional loans.  Motion made by Pete Paine to proposed the new contract in the form of a draft to WCIDA Board for approval on the additional $4000.00 for the extra administrative duties spend on the additional loans.  Louie Villella 2nd the motion.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Approval of the 2010 Budget Proposal:  Director Dick Hartmann circulated the proposed 2010 budget; discussions were made by board members.  Board members had discussions.  Vote was taken to accept the proposed budget.



Pete Paine-yes

Rob Paine-yes

Lloyd Wallace-no

Carol Dunn-no

Morris Gillett – no

Louie Villella – no

Rob Lester – yes

Vote failed.


Motions made by Pete Paine to have the President Lloyd Wallace, Treasurer Carol Dunn, work with the Director Dick Hartmann and revisit/revise the proposed budget for 2010 and bring back to board members for approval.  Rob Paine 2nd the motion. M.C. by unanimous vote.


Approval of the Ad for Washburn County Visitor Guide:  Louie Villella made a motion to publish WCEDC ad in the Washburn County Visitor Guide.  Chuck Jenkins 2nd the motion.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


  1. M.C. by unanimous vote.

Marge Quinn properly took roll call.


Chuck Jenkins made a motion to convene in open session to discuss matters in closed session.


Dick Hartmann gave Director Report.  Motion to approve Director Report by Morris Gillett, 2nd by Rob Paine.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Rob Paine made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Louie Villella.  M.C.


Next Meeting – August 20, 2009- 7:30 a.m. (Monthly Meeting) at the Washburn County Highway Shop Conference Room.


Respectfully Submitted by,

                                                                                    Margie Quinn