President Ken Schultz called the meeting to order at 730am at the Washburn County Economic Development office located at 208 Vine Street, Spooner, WI.


Present: Jim Bethel, Rob Paine, Ken Schultz, Morris Gillett, Jim Dohm, Dennis Stewart, and Tom Klassa.  


Absent:, Lloyd Wallace, Connie Lester, Skip Fiedler and Bill Marx.


Others Present:  Margie Quinn, Mike Spafford.


Concerned Citizens:  None


Approval of Agenda- Jim Dohm made a motion to approve agenda, 2nd by Rob Paine.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Approval of Meeting Minutes Rob Paine made a motion to approve minutes from August 20th, 2014 2nd by Jim Dohm.  M.C. by unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s Report by Jim Bethel- Jim Bethel read the monthly Treasurer’s report. Jim B. reported on the monthly bills.  The total expense for August 20, 2014 – September 17th, 2014 were $8295.11 leaving a checking account balance of $78203.19 and an additional $9504.64 in the CD account to be used for marketing expenses, Web Site, and for business plan development.   RMAP fund is in the amount of $7596.23.  Total available funds are $95375.37   Marge Quinn has provided board members with a Treasurer Report, P&L, detail from QB and a balance excel spreadsheet for the qtr. on income with expense.   Jim Dohm made a motion to accept the Treasurer Report and pay all bills as noted, 2nd by Dennis Stewart.   M.C. by unanimous vote. 



Director Report - Director Mike Spafford discussed projects he is working on and the meetings he has attended for the last month for WCEDC. Mike updated the board on the meeting with Civic Center and updates with Magnifisites on and new updated EDC Website.  WCEDC Board agreed to allocate funds set aside for updates on the website and move forward with Magnifisites.  Mike stated he has completed the home page and now working on the membership list on the website. WCEDC would like the word suggested Membership Dues at the top added on the membership letter on the website.    Mike received a quote from Woodland signs ranging from 324.00 to 1080.00.  Motion made by Tom Klassa to allow up to $400.00 for a sign with changing the letters on the new sign with our phone number and website address added to the sign.  Jim Bethel 2nd the motion.  MC.   Mike commented on several projects he would like to accomplish for WCEDC.  Mike updated the board on the Education Advisory panel he has sent letters to.  The first meeting for the Advisory Panel is to take place on October 3rd at 115pm in the IMC Library in Shell Lake.   Mike commented on the involvement with IDA, collection on one of the businesses in Washburn County and applications for the RLF he receives. 


Other Concerns/Discussions/Action – Jim Dohm stated he thinks we should be pacing vacant building on our website. 


Agenda items for Next Meeting:  Update on Website


Next Monthly MeetingOctober 15th, 2014. 


Motion to adjourn by Rob Paine, 2nd by Skip Fiedler.  M.C.